I obtained my first camera, a Minolta SR-T 101, in college, 40 years ago. Self-taught using Time/Life books, I dabbled first in travel photography, taking pictures in US, Ecuador, Mexico and Brasil. I traded the Minolta in for a Nikon FM2 on a trip to Japan & Hong Kong in the 80’s. Next I dabbled lifestyle and glamour photography when my wife started modelling. After a medically induced hiatus, I became inspired again by my twin brother’s landscape work and acquired the Canon 5D, in 2006. I worked hard on architecture and landscape photography but people responded a lot more to pictures of my young son and his friends. This led to remodeling my garage into a studio and learning about lighting. I tried a few shoots with kids but that didn’t last long, it wasn’t for me. At the urging of my wife, I hired an experienced fashion model, and the rest is as they say, history. I fell in love. My first publication was the Benjamin Kanarek blog in March 2012.

Today I’m back shooting with Nikon again, after acquiring the D800 a couple of years ago. I alternate between fashion & beauty, with fashion being the more challenging because of the small market I am located in. I do long for the bigger markets but at my age, the starving artist thing is just not in the cards. My “style” is clean studio, with natural looks and restrained retouching. I don’t enjoy the plastic look as it appears unnatural & cold to me. I acquired this view by working for several years with two excellent retouchers (see Ashish & Ana). To me, good retouching is subtle and leaves no evidence.I am always looking for creatives to share my journey so drop a line if you would like to work together. If you simply enjoy my work then thank you for your time but don’t hesitate to ask a question or make a comment. You can also follow my work on both Tumblr and Instagram.